Raised for Local Nonprofits
249 gifts
Totaling $55,665.15
Circle of Giving Match Day
Raised for Local Nonprofits
249 gifts
Totaling $55,665.15
Raised for Local Nonprofits
249 gifts
Totaling $55,665.15


  • The 2nd Annual Circle of Giving Match Event is scheduled from Sept. 7 - 15, 2020. Donors may pick up a giving form at the Community Center, 4 Public Square, or download and print at www.bluerapidsmatchday.com. Please include a giving form with all check or cash donations.
  • Visit www.bluerapidsmatchday.com to make online gifts.  Donors have the option to cover the minimal fee associated with online giving.  
  • Checks, along with a completed giving form, may be mailed and postmarked between Sept. 7 and Sept. 15, to 312 Alcove Drive, Blue Rapids, KS 66411. Check and cash gifts may also be dropped off at the Community Center beginning September 7.
  • On Tuesday, September 15, 2020, from 7am to 4:00 pm there will be a live match day event in the Community Center, 4 Public Square, Blue Rapids. As a precaution due to COVID-19, donors will be asked to wear a mask, practice social distancing, and enter in one door, and exit through another.
  • This year, there will be no manned booths by participating funds, however each organization is encouraged to set up a poster display on September 15 for the live event. However, this is not a requirement for participation.


  • Matching funds of $6,000 are available to provide a match to each organization, which will be prorated based on gift totals per each group. ALL MATCH funds will be distributed.
  • Donors will select which organization fund(s) to support. 100% of their donation will go to the organization’s BRCF fund. Although gifts of any amount are welcome and encouraged, donations of a minimum of $25 will receive a local prorated match, up to a maximum of $1,000 per charitable organization per donor.

For example: Jane Doe makes a $1,000 donation to Organization X, $1,000 will go to the Organization X BRCF fund and Organization X will receive a prorated match based on the full amount from BRCF. If Jane Doe makes a $1,500 donation to Organization X, the prorated match from BRCF will be based on $1,000 of that gift.

  • Combined donations up to a total of $5,000 will be matched on a prorated basis.
  • Donations are tax deductible. If donors provide an email address, all gifts (cash, check and online) will generate a receipt at the time of the donation and an additional receipt will not be mailed. If no email address is provided, donations made by cash or check will receive a receipt letter after the event. Cash gifts will also receive a hand written receipt at the event.
  • Each individual donor should write one check dated between Sept. 7 and Sept. 15, 2020 and made payable to BRCF for a total of all gifts to various agencies. A separate form will be used to indicate which fund(s) will benefit. These forms will be available at the Community Center, online at www.bluerapidsmatchday.com, and at the live event on Sept. 15.
  • Donations by participating organizations to their own fund will not qualify for the match or incentive prizes.
  • Volunteers will be available at the live event to accept check & cash gifts as well as assist with online donations.
  • Donations are irrevocable and must be made during the Circle of Giving Match Event – Sept. 7 - 15, 2020.

Decisions made by the Blue Rapids Community Foundation board of directors will govern in all cases if questions arise.

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